The Best Beauty Finds on Amazon, Part One

If you haven’t yet checked out Amazon for beauty products you are missing out.Here you can find vass amounts of beauty skincare products that are hard to find in stores and cheap dupes for those expensive beauty products that all the celebrities use.

Here are my top 7 beauty products that you can find on Amazon.

1.Gua Sha Massage Tool

This tool is great if you struggle with a major swelled up face in the morning.This tool is great for decreasing puffiness and doing an at home lymphatic drain on the skin.Make sure you look up how to use this tool first to get the best results.

2.Facial Steamer

A facial steamer is great To have for many different uses.When you are extracting black and white heads from your skin it’s important to open your pores before and the facial steamer will do just that.You also can use a facial steamer when you want your products to sink in your skin and if your sick.

3.Dermaplane Razor

A dermaplane razor is something that I use weekly.It has become popular over the years for shaving hair and dead skin cells off your face.I personally use it as an alternative for razors and shave my legs with it.I love this tool and I know you will too.

4.Skincare Fridge

I personally love a skincare fridge, it keeps all my products nice and cool.This helps with puffiness on my face in the morning.If you want a more detailed explanation on skin care fridges checkout our website for the detailed blog post here.

5.Mario Badescu Finishing spray

This finishing spray is my favorite of all time.It’s moisturizing and has a nice gentle scent.And it’s cheap, so that’s a plus too.

6.Handheld Hair Massager

I don’t know about you, but I love those scalp massages they give when you get your hair done at the salon.And since I won’t be going to the hair salon everyday this handheld hair massager is the next best thing.You’ll be able to give yourself proper scalp massage with this handy tool.

7.Spa Headband

If your washing your face, putting on makeup or doing your skincare routine your hair always seems to get in the way.That’s why having one of these come in handy, plus they're super cute and soft.

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