The Best Foods to Eat to Get Rid of Acne

The food you eat and your overall health go hand in hand.Your skin being the biggest organ on your body is usually the first to signal that your diet may need some changes.And today we will give you some recommendations on what foods to eat to improve your skin and get rid of acne.

1.Probiotics-Probiotics is this trendy word thrown around accompanied by the word gut health and we want to clear that up today.Probiotics are bacteria and yeasts naturally occurring in your gut to help fight off bad bacteria.Probiotics go hand in hand with the state of your skin, if you have an inflamed gut you will have inflamed skin.And the first step to healing that will be changing your diet.Probiotics are found in foods like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, kefir and much more.

2.Prebiotics-Now I know you may be confused on probiotics and prebiotics, but they are not the same thing.Prebiotics are the non-digestible parts of food that goes through the small intestine undigested and is fermented when reaches the large colon.This process feeds good bacteria within your gut allowing your gut to heal and be properly nourish and this will lead to improvement within your your skin.Prebiotics are found in onions, garlic, bananas, peas, corn, cocoa, lentils and much more.

3.Low-Glycemic index foods-A glycemic index is a tool for indicating how much a type of food will affect your blood sugar.The glycemic index can be low(55 or fewer),medium(56-69) or high(70 or more).When you eat foods with high glycemic levels your body quickly breaks them down and causes rapid spikes in your blood sugar levels.This rapid spike within your blood sugar can lead to inflammation and increased oil production, which plays a major role in acne.And that's why we will encourage you to eat foods with a low glycemic level and this includes:berries, meat, chickpeas, lentils, cauliflower, cashews, almonds, cream cheese, butter and much more.

4.Tumeric-Tumeric is mostly known for being a prominent ingredient in indian food, but it’s also great for overall health and skincare.Tumeric has antibacterial properties allowing it to stop the spread of bacteria on your face, reducing the likelihood of breakouts.You can use turmeric as a spice or you can add it to a drink.

5.Green Tea-Green tea is a well known tea and surprisingly contains a vast amount of antioxidants that works to suppress acne and other health problems.Green tea contains an antioxidant named EGCC that blocks IGF-1 in the body.high levels of IGF-1 can make the sebaceous glands secrete more oil.This process can lead to inflammation and clogged pores within your skin.

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