The Best High Volume, Low-Calorie snacks

If you’re one of those people who have a bottomless pit of a stomach and can never seem to be full, then this is for you.

When you eat foods that are high in volume, but low in calories you are able to eat way more without worrying about the calories.Allowing yourself to be full.

Eating this way can be key when you're looking to lose or even maintain your weight.

Here are some high volume, low calorie snacks that we know you’ll love.

Sweet Snack Ideas

  • Halo Top-This company makes great low calorie ice cream. Regular ice cream can be upwards to 1,000 calories a pint, so making a healthier choice makes a big difference.One pint of ice cream can go from 280-380 calories.My personal favorite is “Birthday Cake”.

  • Smart Sweets-This candy brand makes low carb, low calorie and low sugar candy.And yes they are still delicious, I love this brand when I have a sweet tooth.The calories go from 100-120 for the whole bag.My personal favorites are the “Peach Rings”and the “Fruity Gummy Bears”.

  • Fruit-If you want to make your life easier, the simplest sweet treat is fruit.Fruit is high in fiber and water, which will fill you up.It’s really hard to overeat on fruit, so this is a great option.

Salty Snack ideas

  • Skinny Pop-This popcorn brand is another personal favorite of mine.Skinny pop is amazing if you love to snack while watching tv.You could also add some seasonings or hot sauce to the popcorn if you get bored easily.And an individual package only has 100 calories!

  • Harvest Snaps-this crunchy and salty snack is also great for when you need something to hold you over until your next meal.This snack has only 130 calories per serving and it’s a vegetable.

  • Baked Chips-The easiest salty snack that you could make at home would be baked chips.You could slice and bake sweet potatoes , carrots, beets, kale, and etc...There are 100s of recipes online, so if you don’t know how to make them don’t worry.This snack will fill you up while being super healthy compared to store bought chips.

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