These 3 Tips Will Help You Lose Those Last 15 Pounds

When looking to lose those last couple of pounds it can get very frustrating.And when you look up tips on the internet you get extreme advice that most of us can’t commit to.

These 3 tips will be simple and easy things that won’t burn you out or leave you starving.These are easy things that anyone can implement into their busy schedule.

So, for no further ado let's get into the tips!

1.Veggies First

I know this may seem like something you tell kids when you want them to be healthy, but trust me when I say this “it works for adults too”.Vegetables are high in volume but low in calories, which in simple terms means they will fill you up.Having a side of veggies with your normal meal will help you portion control when your eating those higher calorie foods like: meat, beans, dairy etc...Having your veggies first will dramatically decrease the amount of calories you’re eating without having to starve yourself.

2.Half The Bun

Okay so you might be thinking, what does she mean by “Half The Bun” and really all I mean is take the top half of the bread or bun off of your sandwich.We all know that giving up bread is impossible so instead let's just cut some of it out.When you have your next sandwich take the top slice of bread off and have a “topless” sandwich.By doing this you will get rid of calories that won’t fill you up anyways, while still being satisfied.

3.Workout Every Day

When I say Workout everyday I don’t mean you need to hit the gym for 3 hours everyday day like a body builder.I just mean move your body everyday.Find those 15,10 or even 5 minutes to go on a quick walk or just a simple at home workout.This will make a dramatic difference in your body.And this will improve your mood since your releasing happy hormones when you workout.

By implementing these 3 easy steps everyday you should see those last 15 pounds melt off of you like it’s nothing.

Disclaimer:Im not a medical professional or dietitian do these things at your own risk, i'm not responsible.

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